Dynamite; $3.99

The Deucalionids have stolen Elvira’s Lucifieran Energy, leaving her without her darkness and in a white dress. Now, she has to track them down to regain her energy and save Soul Survivor, the superhero who had showed up to help, but got kidnapped.

She tracks the Deucalionids to a Dark Ages dinner theater where Elvira is confronted by cultists in Chuck E. Cheese meets Medieval Times costumes. And since this is an Elvira comic, things just get weirder and more delightfully ridiculous from there.

This was a really funny issue of the Deucalionids arc. David Avallone obviously had fun with the tongue in cheek jokes and puns about the cheesy restaurant and Elvira’s ability to make subtle naughty jokes. Dave Acosta and Walter Pereyra on art and colors, respectively, also turned in an entertaining issue with comical gags and the villains’ buffoonery.

-Amanda Sheriff