KaBOOM!; $14.99

He’s baaaaaaack! Everyone’s favorite Monday-hating, lasagna-munching fat cat is back in three new stories from KaBOOM. First, a super secret science experiment goes awry, unleashing giant pets – iguanas, ferrets, hamsters, and birds – upon an unsuspecting city. At last, Garfield’s body is a big as his appetite. Can the super-sided Garzilla help the city return to normal?

Later, a dame by the name of Gloria Dean struts into the office of private eye Sam Spayed and launches him on the case of “The Golden MacGuffin.” Intrigue, deceit, misdirection and more await Spayed in this gumshoe mystery. Finally, Jon’s encounter with a big weird dog of indeterminate breed during a visit to Odie’s dog park spurs Garfield’s overactive imagination to believe Jon is turning into a werewolf. It doesnt help that his encounter came after a scary movie marathon, and Jon is also in the process of growing a beard.  

Garfield regulars Scott Nickel and Antonio Alfaro lead the original grumpy cat on a multiple-course meal of laughs. Cartoonist Lee Gatlin also joins the party to write and illustrate the hilarious Jon-focused short story, “I Hate Moondays.”

Braelynn Bowersox