Titan; $6.99

Ahead of their next cinematic outing Minions: The Rise of Gru in July 2020, the minions are back for their fifth installment of comic mischief, but this time theyve gone global. The worlds most-loved henchmen bring their unique brand of misdeeds and banana related mishaps across multiple continents as they travel around the globe, sampling the cuisines of every country.

Although these lovable yellow creatures are of few words, the strips speak for themselves as the minions find themselves getting into messes on almost every page. Especially given the current world conditions, traveling the world through the eyes of the Minions is just what the doctor ordered. Comic gags and silliness are lurking around every corner as the breakout stars of Despicable Me become seasoned travelers.  

Writer Stephane Lapuss (The Infirmary) and artist Renaud Collin (Le Monde Selon Francois) capture the wonder of the world as they bring these hilarious new silent strips clear off the page. Misdeeds and chaos await!

Braelynn Bowersox