BOOM!; $3.99

After finishing her semester abroad, Willow is taking the long way home and found the small town Abhainn – a town completely inhabited by witches. Willow has connected with the alluring Aelara and feels like she may have found a home. Unfortunately, she is also getting a cult-vibe from the ladies of the town and when she starts asking questions, Willow is met with heady magic and some slightly threatening behavior.

Three issues into this limited series and writer Mariko Tamaki has laid the groundwork for either a fiercely protective witch community or something sinister. Willow has had a tough time lately what with her best friend turning into a vampire and temporarily losing part of her soul, so it’s nice to see her among likeminded individuals. However, this is a Buffy comic, so odds are something bad is happening. Just how bad has yet to be seen.

-Amanda Sheriff