Black Bull Comics; $2.99

Brigit Cole has been sheltered for just about all of her 19 years, but now she’s on a highly destructive course of revenge. And it seems that no matter how sheltered she was, she’s ready for it. Survival, escape, evasion, and marksmanship are all in her arsenal, and she’s working her way up the food chain to find out who sanctioned her parents deaths.

This is my second favorite of the Black Bull titles after Jimmy Palmiotti’s The New West, and it’s easily the one that could be the best tentpole movie, too.

In this one, Palmiotti teamed with artist Phil Noto once again to create a compelling character, one who is simultaneously innocent and deadly. An albino by birth, she’s also beautiful (hence the title).

If you’re on the back issue hunt, none of the three issues in this series are very expensive, even in high grade. All of them, though, are worth tracking down. Very enjoyable.

– J.C. Vaughn