Dark Horse; $3.99

The final issue of Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons is set at the end of season three of Stranger Things. With evil vanquished, the Byers family and Eleven are moving away but not before one last game of Dungeons & Dragons with Will the Wise in the role of Dungeon Master.

This conclusion to the miniseries comes with equal parts emotion and excitement. It’s sad to know that this party is breaking up, but they have one last epic D&D battle before the final goodbye. Not only do they have fun, but the game serves as a cathartic outlet for their feelings – good and bad.

Artist Diego Galindo and colorist Msassyk did a great job of capturing the actors likenesses and building the game’s fantasy world. The story by Jody Houser and Jim Zub was a great sendoff to an entertaining crossover.

-Amanda Sheriff