Bad Idea; $3.99

When all the hype and hoopla surrounding ENIAC #1 finally cleared – okay, not all of it has cleared and it’s not really likely to anytime soon – it was clear that Bad Idea had a good idea on their hands.

If you missed either the buzz or the issue itself, here’s the basics: In their desire to end World War II, the USA created what turned out to be a more deadly threat: ENIAC (Electronic Numerator Integrator and Computer), the world’s first supercomputer. As these stories go, its intelligence grew by leaps and bounds until it outstripped the super-powers.

Now it’s about to destroy all of us.

ENIAC #2 picks up where the first issue left off, complete with the killer production values. Writer Matt Kindt, artist Doug Braithwaite, and colorist Diego Rodriguez all deliver the goods, as do cover artist Lewis Larosa and cover colorist Laura Martin. Excellent design, production and printing. All around, another tremendous, packed issue. 

– J.C. Vaughn