BOOM!; $14.99

Specter Inspectors is a cross between a young adult slice of life story and a ghost hunting adventure. Recent college grads Noa, Astrid, and Ko, and Noa’s 15-year-old sibling Gus are ghosthunters with an internet show who are hoping to improve their views with an exciting discovery. They head to Cape Grace, a town with a terrible reputation for everything from cults to spiritual unrest. However, this creepy town provides a lot more than what they were hoping to find.

This five-issue series created and written by Bowen McCurdy and Kaitlyn Musto combines horror and comedy into one story, featuring a scary premise with sarcasm and young adult awkwardness. As the team uncovers more of Cape Grace’s secrets, they also learn more about their own fears and desires while facing ghosts, demon possession, and other monstrous baddies.

Influences of classic horror are clearly seen in the art, which is also done by McCurdy. It elevates the story with some scary angles of the town hall and comical reactions by the characters.

It’s a fun read from start to finish.

-Amanda Sheriff