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What could ruin the blissful happiness of two young lovers moving into together? Easy: a rain of death. At least, that’s the case in Rain.

It’s a beautiful day in Boulder, Colorado when Honeysuckle Speck and her girlfriend Yolanda Rusted are moving in together. As Honeysuckle waits for Yolanda to arrive with her belongings, she enjoys the warm weather and chats with her neighbors. But the happy occasion is decimated when the sky opens up and starts raining nails.

Based on Joe Hill’s story from his novella collection, Strange Weather, Rain is about a horrifying incident that is stunning in its carnage. Adapted by David M. Booher, it starts out as a somber retelling of this bizarre occurrence. It has a straightforward “what if this happened?” premise that can go in so many different directions.

-Amanda Sheriff