Archie; $3.99

Comic book Archie and his gang meet their live-action TV counterparts from Riverdale in Archie Meets Riverdale #1. When comic Archie has a hard time deciding who he should ask to the dance – Betty or Veronica, of course – he asks Dilton to create a duplicate of himself. Instead, Dilton accidentally opens a portal to a different world, pulling Riverdale Archie and others into the comic world.

Not only does this one-shot by Daniel Kibblesmith see the characters meeting each other, it also utilizes the signature style of each version. The comic kids use their familiar and funny lingo while the Riverdale crew are more serious and dramatic. The mashup is made quite funny through the art (pencils by Pat and Tim Kennedy, inks by Bob Smith, and colors by Matt Herms) who make comic versions of Archie and Reggie a little jealous of their more handsome counterparts.

What’s also nice about the one-shot is that you don’t need to have watched all of Riverdale to understand the characters in this book. A passing knowledge is enough to appreciate their personalities and relationships.

As expected, it’s an entertaining one-shot and could easily lead into more crossovers.

-Amanda Sheriff