Valiant; $3.99

The Ironclads upgraded their mechs with materials from the Alphan armorclad suits and are heading to the citadel to rescue Peris. Inside the city, Governor Dohman tells Peris about the ancient, lost suit known as a god suit and his intentions for the powerful technology. As if the missions on both sides aren’t difficult enough, they get hit with yet another complication when the Legionnaires attack.

Writers J.J. O’Connor and Brian Buccellato are not messing around with this series. Early on they established layers to the story involving the immediate life and death threats and the complex problems with class distinctions. This issue is packed with boots on the ground action and tactical moves between the Legionnaires and the city all while Lela and her team try to find a way to Peris.

The art team of Miguel Sepulveda on pencils, Raül Fernández on inks, and Hi-Fi on colors definitely brought their A-game with an incredible amount of detail that makes the battle – and the stakes – feel very real.

-Amanda Sheriff