Marvel Comics; $4.99

In the fractured aftermath of the ALZ-113 retrovirus, the Army of Man continues to try to wipe out the great apes (mistakenly thinking they are the source of the disease that has decimated humanity). One group of humans, training apes to help them, plans to survive, but there are many challenges.

Writer David F. Walker and artist Dave Wachter provide a compelling continuation of the world we saw in the three more recent Planet of the Apes films. They’ve definitely captured the tone and feel of them.

The only hiccup – and it’s not a huge one – comes in the form of the United Nations trying to take charge. Maybe the key word is trying? I don’t know. While I have more trouble believing in a bold, authoritative United Nations than I do talking apes, the flailing of society and people doing dumb, self-defeating stuff is certainly believable enough.

Very intriguing story and characters. I’ll be back for the next one for sure.

– J.C. Vaughn