Valiant; $4.99

When Washington, DC is decimated, General Capshaw calls in Ninjak and Myna, the Eternal Warrior and Geomancer/Tama to find out what happened. While they explore the pit that has been created, Capshaw found the Judgment, a Boon-like object emitting dangerous energy, and sent it through a portal to stabilize the area. Meanwhile, Deathmate attacked and kidnapped the Geomancer.

The action in Valiants #2 picks up with Capshaw recovering from Deathmate’s attack and making a battle plan with Myna, Eidolon, and R-1. A plan that involves calling in Bloodshot to help rescue the new Geomancer and neutralize the powerful Deathmate.

The first issue reacquainted readers with heavy hitters like Ninjak and Eternal Warrior, now Bloodshot is back in action. Writer Ryan Cady is smartly reintroducing Valiant’s characters in segments rather than overwhelming returning and new readers with a huge slate of heroes in each issue. The first and second issues tell self-contained stories while also building the larger storyline. Artist Al Barrionuevo and colorist Nobi bring the comic to life with lots of energy and depth.

-Amanda Sheriff