Titan; $3.99

The Doctor and Ruby Sunday went through a space-time vortex, landing in England in 1739. They found a Cyber-gauntlet programed with coordinates, that leads them on an adventure far into the future. They land in a time when most of humanity has left the dying Earth while those who remain have turned a massive shopping center into a safe habitat. Or so they think.

The Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday have infused Doctor Who with renewed energy and optimism that translates into the comic by writer Dan Watters, artist Kelsey Ramsay, and colorist Valentina Bianconi. Witnessing how humans have adapted, the Doctor and Ruby explore the mall – particularly its food and clothing. It’s all good fun until scary things inevitably start to happen and the Doctor realizes something terribly dangerous is also in the mall.

A fun first issue, it ends by teasing a conflict with one of the Doctor’s most formidable enemies.

-Amanda Sheriff