Archie; $3.99

Betty and Veronica throw a girls night pool party to introduce old friends to new, but things don’t go as planned when uninvited guests show up. Archie tries, unsuccessfully, to introduce the gothic Darla Lang to beach fun, and Big Ethel and the girls attempt to get the boys’ attention with a game of volleyball. Then Betty and Veronica spend a relaxing day on the beach at Archie’s expense, as the girls send him to fetch umbrellas, sodas, and ice cream.

The Betty & Veronica Summer Spectacular one-shot wraps up summer fun and foibles into a single book. There’s the hot summer sun and refreshing cool water, clumsy attempts at romance and misunderstandings between boys and girls. The jokes hit, especially the physical gags, and the art pops with color for a good read on a warm summer day.

-Amanda Sheriff