An unopened booster box from the 1999 Base Set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game was sold by Huggins & Scott Auctions on August 10, 2018 for a whopping $56,000. The box contained 36 packs of 11 cards each, with each pack breaking down to include five common, three uncommon, two energy, and one rare or holo card.

This particular box still contained the shrink wrap and is a first edition booster box, making it one of the earliest possible runs of these cards.

“This tightly sealed container has been in the possession of our consignor since release decades ago. Despite a ding to one corner on the display box (the shrink wrap does not conform to the corner, proving the container has been unsearched and is not re-wrapped), the remainder of the box presents as when produced pre-millennium,” the listing reads. “Based on production, the odds of pulling a foil card are nearly 1:3 packs. With 396 chances for Gem Mint 10 holos and other high-grade treasures, ‘the sky’s the limit’ for this transcendent non-sport box!”

The high price that this box ended up fetching should come as no surprise to those who follow sales of early Pokémon cards; a first edition Charizard holo graded BGS 10 previously sold for $55,650 all on its own in a 2017 eBay auction. A previous first edition booster box sale reached $54,000 in a 2017 internet auction.

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