CBCS has announced the launch of their new grading service, Raw Grade. According to CBCS, it will be a less expensive and faster method of providing independent third party grades on comic books, magazines, and treasury edition books.

The new service is designed to give customers a fast and reliable grade to help them sell their books without paying for traditional grading and encapsulating. It is directed at collectors who believe the return on the investment doesn’t need traditional grading or is looking to sell collections quickly.

In the Raw Grade service, books are evaluated, graded, and placed in Mylar bags with backing boards. The grade is displayed on a sticker on the front of the Mylar bag, which is sealed with a tamper evident sticker for security. Raw Grade services do not include a restoration check, it is simply for evaluating the condition of the book.

It is also not meant to provide long-term protection. Customers who are looking for that type of protection should use the traditional grading service. The Raw Grade was developed to assure potential buyers of the book’s quality and condition.

Another feature of the Raw Grade service is that it can be used in conjunction with the CBCS grade screen option. That means that if it’s chosen during the submission process, any book that fails a CBCS grade screen can be graded with the Raw Grade service, if the customer chooses.