“Classic Archie” will be making a comeback with a new series to be called Your Pal Archie, according to a statement by the company. The series will be written by Ty Templeton with art by Dan Parent and will feature a contemporary fashion makeover for the crew inspired by The CW series Riverdale.

“I've been fortunate enough to be drawing in the classic style for so long, that I eventually formed my own style based on the Dan DeCarlo/Bob Montana model,” Parent said. “The influence from the show is more of a fashion makeover for me. I've changed the hairstyles a bit, and the clothes. And the faces are a little more detailed, but the line work is still the simple classic lines I've always used.”

Your Pal Archie #1 arrives on July 26, 2017. The first five issues will feature interlocking covers that will form a large picture of Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe with most of the Archie Universe cast present.