Direct market pioneer Jim Cavanaugh, the proprietor of Clint’s Books Comics & Games in Kansas City, MO, died on Friday, May 12, 2017. Cavanaugh passed away due to injuries sustained while he was trying to stop a robber leaving the store with stolen comics, according to The Kansas City Star.

A witness said that Cavanaugh followed a man carrying comics from the store to his car, pulled a handgun, and tapped on the car window. The car door opened and backed up, hitting Cavanaugh who then fell to the pavement and hit his head. He died shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

The Cavanaugh family bought Clint’s Books and Comics in 1975 and has operated it since then. The store was celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. He also operated Cavco, one of the early direct comic distributors in the 1980s. Cavco bought the Texas-based Longhorn Distribution and reached double digit market share before the company ended. He returned to retailing at Clint’s where he worked until his death.

“This is just awful news. Aside from being a Kansas City comic book institution with Clint’s Comics, Jim Cavanaugh was an old friend of mine. He had done just about everything and seen just about everything in this business, and he wasn’t shy about sharing his opinion with you. It’s so hard to imagine that his voice has been silenced, particularly in such a fashion. My heart goes out to his family, friends and customers. Everyone who knew him shares in your loss,” said Steve Geppi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Comic Distributors.