From 2003-2008, Vincent Zurzolo hosted Comic Zone Radio with interviews from every corner of the comic industry field. He interviewed the hottest comic book talents of yesterday and today, including legends Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane, and the memorable three-part interview with Sparkle City co-founder, Jay Maybruck. 

Zurzolo’s interview with Bernie Wrightson was one of the best received, however it was lost for over five years. With the help of a comic collector, it resurfaced and Zurzolo is ready for more. Wrightson, the Master of the Macabre, recently passed after a battle with brain cancer. He was best known for his creation of Swamp Thing, his adaptation of Frankenstein, and his trademark intricate pen and brushwork. This defining interview in which Wrightson shared previously unknown details about his career is something every fan should listen to. “I was so deeply saddened to have lost this interview. When Bernie passed away my desire and need to find and share this interview grew exponentially. I am so grateful to the comic collector who sent us his copy and now we can share it with the world,” Zurzolo said.

Zurzolo is known throughout the collectibles market as a comic book aficionado, deal maker, and is trusted by collectors around the world. He has appeared on dozens of news programs promoting multi-million-dollar comic sales. “Comic Zone was never about making money, but always about giving back to the comic book community which has given so much to me,” Zurzolo said. Zurzolo is also the Chief Operating Officer of Metropolis Comics, Metropolis Gallery, and ComicConnect.

The new and improved website is live at comiczoneradio.com. All interviews are free to listen.