Comic Trips, the YouTube webseries about adventures in collecting and geek culture, recently visited the offices of Hake’s Americana & Collectibles. In the episode titled “The Force A-Hakens,” Kat and Paul Brown along with Justin and Penelope of Farpoint Toys, journeyed to the galaxy far, far away to view the Star Wars Collection of Russell Branton.

Hake’s Production Manager Todd Sheffer and Shipping Manager Mike Stevens presented some of the many notable pieces from the collection that will be offered in November 2017 and beyond. The Comic Trips crew were particularly enamored with the Boba Fett prototype, Vlix figure, the vinyl cape Jawa, and the complete set of three-packs.

Their reactions to seeing so many rare pieces in such high grades was nothing short of shocked elation. “It just goes to show you that this is the type of collection that makes the seasoned collector weak in the knees almost to the point of fainting,” Sheffer said.

After a sufficient session of exploring the Star Wars memorabilia, the Browns sat down with Hake’s President Alex Winter. During their conversation, Winter talked about the company’s history, his journey with Hake’s, as well as the auction process.

Then, they headed back to see more pieces from the upcoming auction, such as The Lord of the Rings figures, G.I. Joe pieces, Masters of the Universe items, and more Star Wars pieces.

What drew me in to Comic Trips was, I believe, season five - which was the season they were on the road in an RV traveling across the country visiting comic shops, flea markets, and cons. This has always been a dream of mine to travel and incorporate my love for the hobby and the hunt, and seeing someone do this in a webseries was instantly a hit with me,” Stevens said.

Comic Trips is a very real and down to earth YouTube series,” Sheffer added. “It’s genuine and entertaining. I’m glad we have been able to form a friendship with Paul and Kat.”

Check out the full episode below and visit their YouTube channel to see more episodes of Comic Trips.