Last weekend during New York Comic Con, the new trailer for Justice League was dropped. The trailer that came out during Comic-Con in San Diego was hard rock with brawler-style energy as Bruce Wayne started gathering heroes for the league. The new trailer has a primarily lighter tone, though still hits an emotional note with the reintroduction of Superman.

This trailer offers the first footage of Henry Cavill in Justice League. But the slow, mournful start doesn’t depict him suited up and ready to save the world, rather it’s a bittersweet dream for Lois Lane. His influence and symbolism are felt throughout the trailer with violence on the rise, as Batman and Wonder Woman realize something larger is happening.

The lighter, hopeful tone comes in to play as we see the League in the thick of battle while a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” plays. There are a few funny lines, more adventurous energy that shows Aquaman and Cyborg enjoying the fight and Wonder Woman offering her wry, confident smile during the action. The new trailer, filled with larger than life action, shows the team as a team and makes the movie look awesome.

Justice League will hit theaters soon, on November 17, 2017.