As Brian Michael Bendis prepares to leave Marvel for DC Comics, fans have begun to question the future of characters like Miles Morales and Riri Williams. While the writer didn’t share specifics, he did post on Twitter to reassure fans on Williams’ future with Marvel. 

“I have very good Intel that Miss Williams will live past me in the best way possible. Stay tuned. A lot of you ask me about Marvel‘s plans and it’s really their plans to announce. All I can tell you is that very good people are making very good choices,” Bendis wrote on Twitter. 

It’s likely those “very good people” are the Marvel editors working to guide Williams’, a/k/a Ironheart, subsequent endeavors. Earlier this year, Bendis used Twitter to tease one more creation for Marvel ahead of his exit this December 2017. Currently, Bendis writes Invincible Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, and Defenders for Marvel. No official date on when his multiyear DC-exclusive agreement will begin has been shared as of yet.