Late last summer horror fans filled theaters to see the new incarnation of It, based on the terrifying novel by master horror author Stephen King. Immediately after its release, buzz started building for It: Chapter Two and who could play adult versions of the Losers Club.

In King’s novel, the kids and adults face Pennywise the Clown in parallel stories with each adult flashing back to his/her experiences as they are called back to Derry, Maine. The film versions have separated the story with the kids facing Pennywise in the first film and the adults taking him on in the second one.

It: Chapter Two, which is scheduled for release on September 6, 2019, has now cast five of the seven adult versions of the Losers Club.

James McAvoy of X-Men fame has been cast as Bill Denbrough, taking over for Jaeden Lieberher. As an adult, Bill has become a successful writer and upon return to Derry, is still the leader of the Losers Club.

Two-time Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain (The Help, Zero Dark Thirty) will portray the only lady of the Losers, Beverly Marsh. Though Bev has had a successful career, she is stuck in another abusive relationship, mirroring what she went through with her father. She’s taking over the role from Sophia Lillis, who named Chastain as her dream casting choice for the part.

Funny man Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live) will pick up the mantle of Richie Tozier. The constantly joking “Trashmouth” is now a comedic radio DJ in Beverly Hills. He’ll pick up the role from Finn Wolfhard, who suggested Hader as his first choice to take on the role.

James Ransone (The Wire, Sinister) will play the adult version of Eddie Kaspbrak. Taking the role after Jack Dylan Grazer, he goes from undersized hypochondriac to running a successful limo company. Though he’s still a nervous guy, he shows up to help his buddy Bill.

Andy Bean (Allegiant, Power) has signed on to play Stan Uris, following the performance of Wyatt Oleff. Stan had the scariest experience with Pennywise in the first movie, making his character the most reluctant and terrified about possibly facing the clown again.

We’re still waiting to hear who will be cast as Mike Hanlon and Ben Hanscom. Director Andy Muschietti has stated that Mike’s story will diverge from the source material having Mike struggle with drug addiction as a way of coping with the past. In the book, Ben sheds weight and comes back as a trim, successful architect who still has feelings for Beverly.

In addition to Muschietti, writer Gary Dauberman and Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgård will return for Chapter Two. The kids are also set to return for flashback appearances.