Comic book writer turned DC Entertainment President and CCO Geoff Johns has announced his exit from his executive post to enter an exclusive writer-producer deal with Warner Bros. and DC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johns will be launching a new banner to produce content for films, television, and comic books. 

In addition to this new banner, Mad Ghost Productions, Johns will also work on current DC properties along with new and reimagined creations. Current co-publisher of DC Entertainment, Jim Lee, will assume the chief creative officer position while continuing to serve as publisher alongside Dan DiDio. 

Johns began serving as chief creative officer of DC Entertainment in 2010, before also earning the title of president in 2016. While working in the executive ranks, he continued to write for some of DC’s top titles. He played an instrumental part in launching the Arrowverse on The CW, which includes Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning.

“I took on a role at DCE because I love the characters and this universe more than anything. But, I want to spend my days writing and on set. I’m thrilled to get back to a more hands-on creative role. It’s a dream job on dream projects, reaching even deeper into DC’s vast pantheon of characters,” said Johns in a statement. 

In returning to the creative world, Johns will also be returning to a title he previously spent nine years working on ‒ Green Lantern Corps. Additionally, he will pen the screenplay and serve as one of the producers on the feature film. Currently, Johns is writing and producing Wonder Woman 2 and will hold a co-writing and executive producing credit on Aquaman. 

“Geoff is a super talented writer and truly embedded in the DC Universe and its characters,” added Chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures Group Toby Emmerich. “We’re thrilled that he’s returning to his passion and his roots as a writer and producer.  And, it’s even better that he’s staying in our Warner Bros. family. We look forward to working with him on Green Lantern and other projects going forward.”

For television, Johns co-developed and is executive producing the upcoming DC Universe digital service, Titans and its planned spinoff Doom Patrol. He also has plans to pen a new Shazam comic series, a comic titled Three Jokers, while curating a DC pop-up label under the moniker The Killing Zone. 

“Geoff is one of DC Comics’ most prolific writers, and we can’t wait to see what he does next now that he will be dedicating 100% of his time to telling the best DC stories possible across all media,” stated DiDio and Lee.