Diamond Comic Distributors and Mezco Toyz have partnered to bring fans the PREVIEWS Exclusive X-Men Cable One:12 Collective Action Figure, now available for preorder at comic shops. Featuring a light-up function in his head sculpt’s techno-organic eye and plasma cannon accessory, this figure pays homage to Cable’s X-Men roots during the early 1990s.

Cable was sent to the future in a bid to save his life when he was infected by a techno-organic virus. Using his formidable telekinetic abilities and cybernetic enhancements, Cable battles supervillain foes in his quest for peace.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive X-Men Cable One:12 Collective Action Figure features the light-up function that illuminates the techno-organic eye in both of his head sculpts. The telekinetic mutant features a detailed cybernetic arm and is outfitted in a classic blue X-Men costume made from real cloth, along with flexible utility belt.

Cable comes complete with a devastating arsenal of advanced weaponry: a plasma cannon with two removable magazines, grenade launcher with rotating carousel and handgun, spear, and separate handgun. Cable also comes with 4 sets of interchangeable hands and a One:12 collective display base with a stand featuring the X-Men logo.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive X-Men Cable One:12 Collective Action Figure from Mezco Toyz ($100.00) is now available for preorder at comic shops and will be available in stores June 2019. 

Retailers interested in placing wholesale orders for these items can contact Diamond’s New Accounts Department at newaccounts@diamondcomics.com.