The CW’s upcoming Elseworlds crossover on The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl is looking more and more like an intense event that DC fans won’t want to miss. The network has released several teasers, ranging from funny to suspenseful, but the new one takes on a very serious tone.

The most recent teaser is set on Earth-90, showing several DC characters lying dead on what was clearly a battleground. As the camera captures the carnage, we see Stargirl, Firestorm, a Hawk helmet, Ray’s helmet, and several others. There are also some former DC show Easter eggs, including Green Arrow from Smallville and Captain Cold from the ’90s Flash show.

Still alive, though clearly exhausted, is John Wesley Shipp as the Flash confronting the Monitor, who vows to destroy them. When the Flash asks why the Monitor is doing this, the villain replies that “You did this to yourself.” In another nod, the spot ends with the Flash’s theme from the ’90s show with a pan in close up of the logo on his suit.

Elseworlds runs on December 9 on The Flash, December 10 on Arrow, and December 11 on Supergirl.