Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for January 6-January 12, 2017...

185 years ago January 6, 1832 Artist, engraver, and illustrator Paul Gustave Doré is born.

140 years ago January 11, 1877 Oskar Emil Andersson is born. “OA” is an influential Swedish artist, creator of the pantomime strip Mannen Som Gor Vad Som Faller Honom In and a strip about prehistoric characters.

105 years ago January 7, 1912 Cartoonist Charles Addams is born. He is famed for specializing in macabre characters and situations.

85 years ago January 10, 1932 Mickey Mouse appears for the first time in color comics with his first Sunday comics page, written and drawn by Earl Duvall.

65 years ago January 6, 1952 Peanuts Sunday strips begin, written and drawn by Charles Schulz.

60 years ago January 9, 1957 Writer Daniel Wilson is born.

55 years ago January 12, 1962 Editor, writer, and artist Joe Quesada is born. He works on a variety of characters for Valiant, DC, and Marvel—where he becomes editor in chief in 2000 (a position he holds until 2011) and Chief Creative Officer in 2010.

50 years ago January 7, 1967 Heather McAdams is born. She’s the autobiographical comic strip creator of Cartoon Girl.

50 years ago January 9, 1967 NBC sitcom Captain Nice by Buck Henry begins. It stars William Daniels as the super-powered captain.

50 years ago January 9, 1967 CBS sitcom Mr. Terrific begins. It stars Stephen Strimpell as the character who gets powers for an hour with a pill.

50 years ago January 10, 1967 Blue Masque Studios writer-artist Ernest Edwards is born.

30 years ago January 9, 1987 Actor Arthur Lake dies of a heart attack at age 81. His roles included Dagwood and Harold Teen.

15 years ago January 10, 2002 John (Giovanni Natale) Buscema dies of stomach cancer at age 74. The award-winning artist was especially known for his work on Marvel characters including The Avengers, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, Thor, and Conan.

5 years ago January 6, 2012 Artist John Celardo dies at age 93. The King Features Syndicate comics editor was also known for his work on Wings Comics and the Tarzan comic strip.