Marvel; April 1978
Cover uncredited

Title: “Thing Behind Prison Bars”
Synopsis: With a despondent Thing content to stay in jail, Daredevil sets out to discover who framed him.

Writer (script and co-plot): Roger Slifer
Writer (co-plot):
Marv Wolfman
Ron Wilson
Jim Mooney

Review: This issue picks up the pace considerably from the previous installment (see the Bronze Age Minute review of Marvel Two-in-One #37), with Daredevil battling car thieves and androids. The Thing soon breaks out of jail to join the fun, and much robot-smashing action ensues. The big bad turns out to be the Mad Thinker, who has built a lair at the bottom of a construction shaft in the middle of a road; for a supposed genius, he sure comes up with some pretty silly plans. With an OK story and journeyman art, #38 is a pretty run-of-the-mill issue of Marvel Two-in-One.

Grade: B

Not-so-cool factor: The Mad Thinker, one of those Marvel villains who’s always been cooler in concept than execution.

Character quotable: “I thought I made it clear I didn’t want you touching your stick, hero-man.” – the strangely powerful Alex Stone

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