Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for January 12-18, 2018...

155 years ago January 14, 1863 Writer-artist Richard Felton Outcault is born. The creator of The Yellow Kid and Buster Brown is considered the instigator of the modern comic strip.

140 years ago January 12, 1878 Cartoonist Charles W. Kahles is born. He’s best known for pioneering daily strip continuity with Clarence the Cop and also creates Sandy Highflyer and Hairbreadth Harry.

110 years ago January 18, 1908 Publisher Martin Goodman is born.

85 years ago January 13, 1933 Mystery, comics, and science fiction writer Ron Goulart is born. The expert on comics and pulps provides extensive background material on both.

65 years ago January 16, 1953 Writer-artist Randy H. Crawford is born.

60 years ago January 14, 1958 Artist-publisher Steven J. Woron is born. His companies include The Illustration Studio and The Image Guild.

55 years ago January 16, 1963 Christopher Richard Schenck is born. The artist is especially known for his work on Dark Horse’s Tarzan titles.

50 years ago January 12, 1968 Writer-editor-historian John Jackson Miller is born. Known for his Star Wars, Star Trek, and Halo franchise fiction, the former Comics Buyer’s Guide Editorial Director maintains online files regarding comic book circulations.

50 years ago January 18, 1968 Artist Frank Quitely is born as Vincent Deighan. He’s especially known for work with Grant Morrison on such projects as All-Star Superman and with Mark Millar on The Authority.

30 years ago January 13, 1988 Friendly Frank’s Store Manager Michael Correa is found guilty of displaying obscene material by Cook County Circuit Court Judge Paul T. Foxgrover, fined $750, and sentenced to a year of court supervision. Lawyer Burton Joseph will take over the (successful) appeal.

25 years ago January 17, 1993 Award-winning cartoonist and political cartoonist F.O. Alexander dies at age 95. He took over Hairbreadth Harry when C.W. Kahles died and was a major contributor to the design of the Monopoly game.