Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for May 11-17, 2018...

120 years ago May 16, 1898 Paul H. Sampliner is born. He is the 1924-1932 president of Eastern Distribution Corp. and becomes secretary of National Comics in 1938.

85 years ago May 11, 1933 Italian comics magazine Il Monello begins.

80 years ago May 15, 1938 Artist John G. Fantucchio is born. He is especially known for his contributions to early comics fanzines.

75 years ago May 16, 1943 Italian comics magazine L’Avventuroso ends.

65 years ago May 11, 1953 Writer, publisher, and Superman collector Mike Curtis is born. He co-founds Shanda Fantasy Arts and scripts the Dick Tracy newspaper strip.

60 years ago May 12, 1958 British cartoonist Frank Minnitt dies at age 63. He was especially known for his work on the “Billy Bunter” feature.

60 years ago May 15, 1958 Paul Curtis is born. He is a small-press publisher, artist, and writer and works on staff for Innovation, then Marvel.

60 years ago May 17, 1958 Retailer and cartoonist Chris Ecker is born. He creates Eb’nn the Raven, co-founds and art directs Now Comics, and co-creates Big Bang Comics.

50 years ago May 17, 1968 Cracked artist Pete Fitzgerald is born.

40 years ago May 11, 1978 Clinge Doorenbos, Dutch comics writer of Flippie Flink, dies at age 93.

40 years ago May 13, 1978 IPC Media releases Starlord.

30 years ago May 17, 1988 Dennis the Menace ghost cartoonist Al Wiseman dies at age 69.

25 years ago May 14, 1993 DC letterer and proofreader Gerda Gattel dies at age 84.

10 years ago May 13, 2008 British artist Mike Western dies at age 83. He worked for Fleetway and IPC.

10 years ago May 15, 2008 Artist Will Elder dies at age 86. Though he also worked on such features as “American Eagle,” he was best known for his work with Harvey Kurtzman on Mad and “Little Annie Fanny.”

5 years ago May 16, 2013 Belgian writer-artist Fred Funcken dies at age 91. He worked with his wife, Liliane, on historical strips for Tintin.

5 years ago May 16, 2013 French artist Roger Chevalier (who signed his work as “Kline”) dies at age 91.