Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for August 10-16, 2018...

110 years ago August 11, 1908 Cartoonist Don Freeman is born. He’s best known for his children’s book Corduroy.

110 years ago August 12, 1908 William Steinigan’s Pups begins.

105 years ago August 10, 1913 Charles Forbell’s Naughty Pete begins.

100 years ago August 16, 1918 Award-winning cartoonist Dave Pascal is born.

90 years ago August 13, 1928 Lyman Young’s Tim Tyler’s Luck begins.

80 years ago August 11, 1938 German-American illustrator Wilhelm Heinrich Detlev Körner dies at age 59. He created the 1902 Hugo Hercules strip, which some consider the first superhero comic.

80 years ago August 13, 1938 The last issue of the Flemish magazine Ons Kinderland is published.

60 years ago August 13, 1958 The writer-artist-editor, Eisner Spirit team member, Plastic Man creator, and Playboy cartoonist Jack Cole commits suicide at age 43.

55 years ago August 16, 1963 Cartoonist Ralph Fuller dies, age 73. He created Fuller Humor and Oaky Doaks