Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for February 15-21, 2019...

135 years ago February 15, 1884 New Yorker cartoonist Quin Hall is born. He creates such strips as Peter Plink.

125 years ago February 19, 1894 Cartoonist and Puck founder Joseph Keppler dies at age 56.

95 years ago February 18, 1924 The Girl comic strip by Edgar Martin is renamed Boots and Her Buddies.

90 years ago February 17, 1929 Milt Gross’ Count Screwloose begins.

90 years ago February 17, 1929 Alejandro Jodorowsky is born. The prolific writer and filmmaker is probably best known for L’Incal (with artist Moebius) but he is involved with many other entertainment projects, as well.

85 years ago February 15, 1934 French comics pioneer Louis Forton dies at age 54 after an operation. The writer-artist created Les Pieds Nickelés and Bibi Fricotin.

75 years ago February 17, 1944 Catalan Communications editor-publisher Bernd Metz is born. His company publishes many U.S. translations of European comics.

75 years ago February 19, 1944 Writer, director, actor, and Doctor Spektor creator Don Glut is born.

70 years ago February 19, 1949 Writer-artist William Messner-Loebs is born. Among his projects, he creates Journey and co-creates Epicurus the Sage with Sam Kieth.

70 years ago February 21, 1949 Artist Frank Brunner is born. Known for his comics work on such characters as Howard the Duck and Elric and on the comic book adaptation of the Broadway play Warp, he also works in animation including character design for Fox’s animated X-Men.

65 years ago February 15, 1954 Award-winning writer-artist Matt Groening is born. He creates Life in Hell and the TV series The Simpsons and Futurama. He also co-founds Bongo Comics.

65 years ago February 20, 1954 Award-winning writer, artist, and colorist Steve Oliff is born. He founds Olyoptics.

60 years ago February 15, 1959 Painter and colorist Les Dorscheid is born.

60 years ago February 18, 1959 Artist Aaron McClellan is born.

55 years ago February 16, 1964 Christopher Eccleston is born. He stars in the reintroduction of the BBC’s Doctor Who science fiction TV series and, therefore, appears in licensed comics of the character.

50 years ago February 17, 1969 Writer-artist Nelson DeCastro is born. The teacher also creates Eudaemon.

45 years ago February 16, 1974 Dutch writer, film director, and artist Alfred Mazure dies, age 59. He created the hardboiled detective character Dick Bos and the Romeo Brown strip.

40 years ago February 15, 1979 Italian writer-artist Roy d’Ami dies at age 55. He founded Studio Creazioni d’Ami.

40 years ago February 20, 1979 Dutch comics experts Kees and Evelien Kousemaker publish Wordt Vervolgd – Stripleksikon der Lage Landen, a historical overview of comics.

15 years ago February 16, 2004 Letterer Bill Oakley dies of cancer at age 39.

5 years ago February 18, 2014 Artist Ralston Jones dies, age 87. He drew Mr. Abernathy (written by Frank Ridgeway).

5 years ago February 19, 2014 Italian artist Franco Origone dies, age 63. He co-created features with his brother Agostino.