The grades are on the new consignment of high grade Silver Age Marvels, DCs, Dells and Gold Keys from Boca Raton, Florida that Pedigree Comics revealed last week for their upcoming April 2013 Grand Auction. CGC, the independent, third-party grading service, has certified them and Pedigree’s President and CEO, Doug Schmell, said almost every issue is in 9.4 and 9.6 condition, and there are a number of 9.8s as well.

The newly graded offerings include All Star Comics #26 9.2, Amazing Spider-Man #84 9.6, #300 9.8, Atom and Hawkman #40 9.8, Avengers #80 9.6, Batman #41 9.0, #149 9.2, #163 9.4, #190 9.4, Captain America #143 9.6, Christmas Parade# 1 9.6, Daredevil #80 9.8, Detective Comics #381 9.6, #10 9.2, #75 9.6, #85 9.8, #114 9.8, Four Color #638 9.6, #703 9.2, Frankenstein, Jr. #1 9.8, Hanna-Barbera Bandwagon #3 9.4, Iron Man #42 9.8, Iron Man Annual #1 9.8, Jonny Quest #1 9.4, Journey Into Mystery #116 9.4, MAD #2 9.4, Marvel Spotlight #12 9.8, Mod Wheels #1 9.8, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4 9.6, #11 9.8, Strange Tales #107 9.0, #143 9.4, #156 9.6, Sub-Mariner #27 9.8, #30 9.6, Superboy #20 9.4, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #97 9.8, Tales to Astonish #98 9.4, Thor #146 9.8, #167 9.6, X-Men #2 9.4, #10 9.6, #56 9.8, and Yogi Bear #10 9.6.

The April 2013 Grand Auction is slated to begin on the night of Monday, April 8, and last for 10 days until the night of Thursday, April 18. The company will continue to accept consignments for the auction until midnight on Thursday, April 11.

According to Schmell, the auction will have a few hundred choice, high grade, CGC-certified Marvels and DCs from the Silver Age and Bronze Age, including non-superhero titles and material from other publishers.

“The sooner you consign your books the more exposure and press they will receive. Pedigree aggressively promotes and advertises each Grand Auction on many online sites and trade publications and they also send periodic newsletters to all of our over 18,000 customers announcing the individual auction items. There is no buyer’s premium on any of the lots in the auction and most of the books will have no reserve. Every book is CGC-graded and the minimum bid is only $100,” Schmell said.

The higher the value of the comics sold in a Grand Auction, the more money the consignor takes home under Pedigree Comics' Climbing Scale, which works as follows:

10% Commission
for any consigned item that sells up to $10,000 (Consignor's Proceeds = 90% of the final bid price); 
9% Commission
for any consigned item that sells over $10,000 and up to $25,000 (Consignor's Proceeds = 91% of the final bid price); 
8% Commission
for any consigned item that sells over $25,000 and up to $50,000 (Consignor's Proceeds = 92% of the final bid price); 
6% Commission
for any consigned item that sells over $50,000 and up to $100,000 (Consignor's Proceeds = 94% of the final bid price);  
5% Commission
for any consigned item that sells over $100,000 (Consignor's Proceeds = 95% of the final bid price).  

“There are three easy ways to consign your books to any of Pedigree's upcoming Grand Auctions. The only criteria is that the books must be CGC-certified and worth no less than $100,” Schmell said. Here is how to consign:

Ship your books directly to their offices in Wellington, Florida. They will inventory, scan and upload each book into the Grand Auction listing. The books will be listed under your personal account and you will receive email notification at the conclusion of the auction with a list of every consigned book that sold along with the winning bid made.

Email the scans of the books you wish to consign directly to them at DougSchmell@pedigreecomics.com. They will format and upload each scan onto our server and then put each book into the Grand Auction listing. Please use a .jpeg format with the resolution set at 72 and the pixel width at 550 for optimal clarity. If you do not have a scanner you can use a digital camera.

You can upload your own scans, item information, book descriptions and reserve amounts, if any, by utilizing our Automated Consignment System. Just register onto the site and login, click the "Customer Page" tab under "Your Account" and then click "Consignments" (under the "Auctions" heading). You will then be able to enter the Pedigree Comics Consignment Management System and list your own CGC-certified comics and magazines. Pedigree will receive an email once you have uploaded the scan and information for each individual item into the system and they will then review the information imparted for accuracy. The item(s) will then be added to the Grand Auction listing to be bid on.

If you have any questions or comments about the consignment process, any of the auction lots or about the Grand Auction in general, please contact Schmell at (561) 422-1120 (office) or (561) 596-9111 (mobile), or by email at DougSchmell@pedigreecomics.com.