Last weekend, eMoviePoster closed their September Major Auction, totaling $276,928 in sales. The auction comprised 1,338 items in four parts with record results achieved on many individual lots.

Part I with 202 linen-backed one-sheets totaled $73,425; Part II featuring 209 other linen-backed posters of all types closed at $45,422; Part III including 294 movie paper items that were not linen-backed realized $121,886; and Part IV with 633 pieces of movie production art and other art, plus 8” x 10” and 4” x 5” studio produced transparencies and negatives fetched $36,195.

The top results are Mr. Smith Goes to Washington three-sheet for $6,889, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari program book for $5,550, 2001: A Space Odyssey one-sheet for $5,510, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington one-sheet for $5,361, Vertigo one-sheet for $3,970, 2001: A Space Odyssey special poster for $3,961, Lawrence of Arabia insert for $3,655, The Postman Always Rings Twice one-sheet for $3,000, Planet of the Apes transparencies for $2,700, Atom Man vs. Superman one-sheet for $2,260, Cincinnati Kid concept art for $1,641, and Sea Chase Italian two-panel for $1,550.

According to eMoviePoster, they set individual records, and while some sold for less than expected, many sold for more than they anticipated. Not only did the sale total $276,928, it brought their 2017 sales total to $3,676,497. This puts them on track for their biggest year ever.

Their next major sale will be their 18th Annual Halloween Auction. Consignments will be accepted until September 29. It is also not too early to consign to their December Major Auction, which could be their best of the year. Their major auctions always start from scratch and they use the first example of each item for preauction publicity. They use unenhanced supersized images and examples for all movie genres and U.S. and international examples from throughout film history.