ComicLink is accepting consignments for upcoming auctions including the last Focused Auction of the year starting on October 20, 2017, and the Fall Featured Auction which will begin on November 15. The firm will be set-up to take consignments in person this weekend at the New York Comic Con on October 5-8 at the Javits Center. ComicLink President Josh Nathanson, Senior Consignment Director Douglas Gillock, and Sales Consultants Jon Signorelli and Ross Kearney will be attending the show and available to speak with you all weekend long in booth 2622.

Those who won’t be attending the show, or prefer to send material in, may contact ComicLink by emailing buysell@comiclink.com or by calling (617) 517-0062 (option 1) to speak with Josh Nathanson, Douglas Gillock, Jason Crosby, Jon Signorelli, or Ross Kearney.

In addition to auctioning items for consignors, ComicLink is also always accepting new sellers for the ComicLink exchange marketplaces, brokering private placement deals, and buying outright. Collectors seeking high-dollar comics or art can also contact ComicLink.

ComicLink is also currently taking consignments for both sports cards and certified coins for upcoming auctions. Sports cards are auctioned through ComicLink’s brother firm, SportscardLink. To consign Sports Cards, contact buysell@sportscardlink.com or call (617) 517-0062. ComicLink has recently begun conducting Certified Coin Auctions and the first session is currently underway. Current offerings up for bid include NGC and PCGS certified coins from the 1800s and 1900s, including many scarcer coins and Mint-State examples. If you have certified coins you would like to consign, contact Josh Nathanson at (617) 517-0062, ext. 101 or Douglas Gillock at ext. 102.

There are many great highlights already lined up for both the upcoming Featured Auction and Focused Auction. “We are introducing some key new titles from the John G. Fantucchio Pedigree runs including Detective Comics, Green Lantern, Incredible Hulk, Tales to Astonish, some key Journey Into Mystery issues and more. The reception to the Fantucchio Pedigree that we’ve been bringing into market over the past several months has been extremely strong as collectors recognize the incredible quality of these Silver Age examples, most in very high grade with gleaming white pages,” Nathanson said.

ComicLink is also offering Detective Comics #27, the first appearance of Batman and one of the highest sought books in comic collecting. “This example of this holiest of holy grails for Batman fans presents strongly for its grade and would make an incredible addition to the collection of any advanced collector. Batman seems to grow bigger with each generation, and his rarely available first appearance in unrestored condition is a true event any time it comes public auction,” Nathanson said.

Other Golden and Silver Age examples already consigned are Action Comics #252 (first Supergirl) CGC 6.5, Amazing Fantasy #15 (first Spider-Man) CGC 7.5, Amazing Spider-Man #1 (second Spider-Man, first J. Jonah Jameson) CGC 8.0, #15 (first Kraven) CGC 9.4, #20 (first Scorpion) CGC 9.2, #23 (early Green Goblin cover/story) CGC 9.2, #31 (first Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn) CBCS 9.4, #39 (Goblin unmasked, first Romita art) CGC 9.4, #50 (first Kingpin) CBCS 9.4, #58 CGC 9.8, and #67 CGC 9.8, Batman #17 (WWII cover) CGC 7.0, #121 (first Mr. Freeze as Mr. Zero) CGC 6.0 Fantucchio Pedigree, and #181 (first Poison Ivy) CGC 9.4, Brave and the Bold #28 (first Justice League) CGC 9.0 and #54 (first Teen Titans) CGC 9.0, Captain America #110 (classic Steranko Hulk cover) CGC 9.8, and Captain America Comics #33 (Schomburg cover) CGC 5.0.

Golden and Silver Age highlights include Crime Patrol #7 (first Captain Crime) CGC 9.4, Detective Comics #62 and #71 (classic Robinson Joker covers) both in CGC 5.5, #140 (first Riddler) CGC 6.5, and #347 (Silver Age Batman killed cover) CGC 9.8 (single highest graded), Fantastic Four #2 (second Fantastic Four, first Skrulls) CGC 9.0, #12 (first Hulk crossover) CBCS 9.4 Pacific Coast Pedigree, #36 (first Medusa) CGC 9.2, #46 (first full Black Bolt) CGC 9.6, and #67 (first Adam Warlock) CGC 9.8, Flash #105 (first Silver Age issue, first Mirror Master) CGC 4.0, Green Lantern #73 CGC 9.8 Fantucchio Pedigree (single highest graded), and Journey Into Mystery #83 (first Thor) CGC 7.5, #112 (classic Thor/Hulk battle) CGC 9.4 CVA Exceptional Fantucchio, and #118 (first Destroyer) CGC 9.8 (single highest graded).

Additional Golden and Silver Age comics are Justice League of America #1 CGC 7.0 and #63 CGC 9.8, (highest, one of three), Mad #1 CGC 6.5 and #12 CGC 9.8 ( highest, one of two), Showcase #22 (first Silver Age Green Lantern and origin) CGC 6.0, Superworld Comics #1 CGC 7.0 CGC 7.5, Tales of Suspense #57 (first Hawkeye) CGC 9.4, Tales From the Crypt #23 CGC 9.4, Tales to Astonish #27 (first Ant-Man) CGC 7.5, Thor #166 (second full Warlock, classic Thor vs. Warlock battle cover) CGC 9.8, USA Comics #8 CGC 3.5 and #9 CGC 5.0 (1943 Captain America covers), X-Men #3 (first Blob) CGC 9.4, #8 (first Unus) CGC 9.4, #26 CGC 9.8 (highest, one of three), #39 (new uniforms) CBCS 9.6, #60, and #61 (Adams cover/art) both CGC 9.8, and Zip Comics #1 CGC 8.0.

Bronze and Modern Age issues include Amazing Adventures #11 (first furry Beast) CGC 9.8 (one of three), Amazing Spider-Man #121 (death of Gwen Stacy) CGC 9.8, #238 (first Hobgoblin) CGC 9.8, and #361 (first full Carnage) CGC 9.9 (sextuple cover, highest graded, one of two), Batman #232 (first Ras Al Ghul) CGC 9.8, Fantastic Four #112 (classic Thing/Hulk battle cover) CGC 9.8, The Cat #1 (first Cat who later becomes Tigra) CGC 9.8, Daredevil #133 CGC 9.8 Price Variant (single highest graded), Detective Comics #400 (first Man-Bat) CGC 9.6, Giant-Sized X-Men #1 CGC 9.8 Signature Series, Hero For Hire (first Luke Cage) CGC 9.4, House of Secrets #92 (first Swamp Thing) CGC 9.4, Marvel Feature #1 (first Defenders) CGC 9.8, Marvel Premiere #15 (first Iron Fist) CGC 9.8, Marvel Spotlight #28 (first solo Moon Knight) CGC 9.8 Price Variant, Sub-Mariner #34 (prelude to Defenders) CGC 9.8, Uncanny X-Men #145 CGC 9.9, Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.8, Tomb of Dracula #1 (first Dracula in Marvel Universe) CGC 9.8, Werewolf By Night #32 (first Moon Knight) CGC 9.8, much more is incoming.

One very unique offering is a rare Night of the Living Dead 40” x 60” movie poster from 1968.

Some upcoming original art highlights coming to auction include Jack Kirby Fantastic Four Annual #2 (1964) page featuring a large image of Doctor Doom meeting his possible future self, Rama Tut, with the entire Fantastic Four team appearing; Kamandi #20 cover and #25 chapter splash (“Freak Show”), and Captain America #193 page; Bernie Wrightson masterful original art illustration plate published in his landmark Frankenstein Marvel Illustrated Novel depicting Frankenstein; John Romita Amazing Spider-Man #117 title splash; and James Jean Jack of the Fables painting featuring Jack Frost and the Snow Queen used for the covers of both issues #6 and #11.

John Byrne highly memorable finale splash featuring a huge image of Superman from the final page of the final issue of his historic revamp, The Man of Steel, a Byrne title splash from Superman #4, and a Byrne/Sinnott page from Fantastic Four #212 featuring Galactus; Gene Colan Daredevil #37 page featuring Daredevil vs. Doctor Doom; Todd McFarlane prime era art from Amazing Spider-Man #308 and Incredible Hulk #339 and pages from Spawn #33 with Greg Capullo including two splashes; Brian Bolland splash page from Camelot 3000 #1 featuring the first appearance of King Arthur in the story; and full page Steve Ditko illustration of the Defender from Comic Crusader #8 are among the original art highlights.

Additional original art includes Kevin Eastman two strong pages (auctioned separately) from Raphael, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle #1 (1985, early Turtles spinoff); Jim Lee X-Men: Wolverine and Psylocke Hunting Party illustration published in Wizard: Jim Lee Millennium Edition; Sheldon Moldoff rare Silver Age Batman title splash from Batman #196; Sal Buscema finale page from The Defenders #1 featuring Dr. Strange, Namor, and Banner; Bill Sienkiewicz Moon Knight #9 and #11 pages; Michael Turner The Darkness #11 cover and Witchblade #15 cover; Michael Avon Oeming Powers #9 cover; and Jae Lee Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 variant cover.

In addition to auctioning items for consignors, ComicLink is also always accepting new sellers for the ComicLink exchange marketplaces, brokering private placement deals, and buying outright. 

Visit ComicLink’s website to view the current Focused Auction, see previews of upcoming auctions, view their schedule, and see the Comic Book and Comic Art Exchanges.