ComicConnect is offering an impressive selection of classic Golden Age comics in their April Super Monthly Auction, according to the company. “The market for these treasures of yesteryear continues to expand as younger collectors take up the hobby, and long-time fans compete to complete title runs and uncover hidden gems,” Rob Reynolds, ComicConnect Director of Consignments, said. “Whenever these books show up in our auctions, the ensuing bidding frenzy is always a spectacle to behold.” 

Standouts from the April Super Monthly include Action Comics #13 CGC 4.0, which features a classic “more powerful than a locomotive” cover by Superman co-creator Joe Shuster, as well as an ad for the first issue of Superman in the book’s interior pages, making this Golden Age prize doubly desirable. Other issues of note include Action Comics #7 CGC 1.8 R, All Star Comics #8 CGC 4.0 R, Detective Comics #38 CBCS 1.5 R, Superman #11 CGC 9.0, and Superman #14 CGC 8.5 C.

“The continuing success of the superhero movie, especially the DCEU, and DC’s critically acclaimed TV Universe have fueled intense interest in the early roots of the iconic characters that are becoming familiar names for a new generation of viewers, and some of these young fans are growing up to be investors in GA comics,” continued Reynolds. “This newfound enthusiasm helps feed the growth of the industry, and is giving veteran collectors a run for their money.”

The auction end-dates are as follows:
Session 1 (Action Comics - Daisy & Donald) April 23, 2018
Session 2 (Daredevil Comics - Ironjaw) April 24
Session 3 (Joe Palooka - Rom) April 25
Session 4 (Sad Sack - 3D) April 26
Session 5 (Thunderbolt - Zip Comics) April 27

Hundreds of third-party certified comics are currently up for bids. Sell My Comics answers frequently asked questions and provides a guide on how sellers can start turning their collectibles into cash on ComicConnect. “If you need any assistance with your collection, please contact support@comicconnect.com or call (Toll Free) 888-779-7377,” Reynolds concluded. “We’re here to work for you.”