ComicConnect is presenting their largest original art auction ever, with nearly 1,000 lots in Session 1. “This auction is so big, we had to spread it out over two nights,” said Vincent Zurzolo, COO of the New York City-based auction house. “The first session lots run from a lovely Curt Swan Action Comics #455 page that features a robot, Superman, and the bottled city of Kandor, through to a cool Punisher sketch by the prolific Irish artist Declan Shalvey.” 

In between, collectors will find a Bob Montana Archie Daily from October, 1947, a selection of Ross Andru Amazing Spider-Man pages, a George Pérez cover for Avengers #198, a gory Williamson/Frazetta page from Crime SuspenStories #17, an early Fantastic Four page by Jack Kirby, and later Fantastic Four pages by John Byrne.

As well as a Godzilla painting from the Godzilla: Age of Monsters trade paperback, a Jim Cheung variant cover for the fifth issue of the 2012 Iron Man series, the Neal Adams cover for Justice League of America #96, and an unseen, unused Gil Kane cover for Justice League of America #81.

Session 1 ends August 27, 2018 at 7 PM ET.