Diamond International Galleries is debuting a new website sporting plenty of new features for collectors of all sorts. The website launches on June 12, 2019.

New features on the website include a $10 minimum purchasing order, Uncle Dusty’s Picks (including Gems, “Diamonds in the Rough” and much more), and a new inventory “Preview Club.” With more than 7,000 items on the site and new inventory added every Wednesday, plus new intuitive shipping on purchases, this completely rebuilt website has everything for the discerning collector.

There are new collecting categories on the site as well, including Comic Book Art under the Art section (which also includes Original Art and Prints/Lithos/Posters), and the Dollar Bin under the Comics section (which also includes Raw Graded and Certified Grade). The Collectibles category contains Vintage, Toys, Statues, Movies, and Games.

“The staff of Diamond International Galleries is excited about our newly remodeled website and are proud to present it to our customers! We look forward to providing many items, some of which are hard to find and some that are ‘instant classics,’ to everyone that has an interest in collecting in some facet. We are happy to unveil this new website to the public and hope that people really enjoy it,” DIG Vice President of Sales Kevin W. Poling said.