Over 200 Silver Age classics are listed in this week’s Heritage Comic and Comic Art Auction. These are just part of close to 700 lots listed in this week’s auction. The event is currently open for bidding and will begin to close on Sunday, August 22, 2008. You can find out more about the lots by visiting Heritage. The auction holds a mixture of graded books, non-graded books, original art, and more.

Books from the Silver Age are rising in the eyes of collectors everywhere. The reasons for this rise vary. Some feel it is due to the idea that Golden Age books are starting to move out of certain price ranges. Others feel that the market is now starting to grow due to the aging baby boomers who are now looking back and fondly recalling Barry Allen grabbing a dropped tray in a cafeteria and being stunned when he can reassemble it in a nano-second. Some love the reassuring art of Curt Swan as he portrays the Man of Steel. No matter what your reason for collecting Silver Age books, they remain among the best bargains and most rewarding reads in the collecting hobby.  

With all the attention on the Silver Age that doesn’t mean that the auction is ignoring the Golden Age. There are over 120 books listed covering everything from funny animals to superheroes and over to science fiction. There is a strong run of ungraded early issues of Detective Comics that should catch the eye of Batman fans.   

Original art plays a significant part in this week’s event. Over 150 pieces are included. Work by Neal Adams includes a rare Ben Casey Daily from the early days of his career, Ed Dodd, Hank Ketchum, Pete Alvarado, Bill Holman, Al Capp, and others. There are also a few group listings for runs of Spider-Man dailies by Larry Lieber. Cover art from several books is also featured, along with oils created for adventure paperbacks to Tweety and Sylvester.