Catch the Wave

The Collectibles Expo is headed your way, Virginia! The expo is taking place on April 22-23, 2017 at the Chesterfield Fairgrounds, located on 10300 Courthouse Road in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Browse through sections of comics, toys, sports cards, figures, magazines, posters, NASCAR memorabilia, and much more. It is provided in part by some of Virginia’s top comic retailers, including Brett Carreras, The Collector’s Attic, Guy Rose, Dave’s Comic Warehouse, Chris Otto, Jason Hamlin, Silver Dragon Studio, Jason Fowler, Painted Visions Comics, Apocalypse Comics, Enrique Roberts, and Julio’s Rare Collectibles.

The show is running almost nonstop from Saturday at 10 AM through Sunday at 4 PM. As always, children under 10 are admitted for free, with a full weekend pass costing only $10.

Head over to their Facebook page to join the event and read more about the upcoming show.