Catch the Wave

Fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and superheroes rejoice, Farpoint is just around the corner! The annual show is being held on February 8-10, 2019 at the Delta Hotel by Marriott on 245 Shawan Road in Hunt Valley, Maryland. 

Exciting guests attending the show include Wallace Shawn (The Princess Bride), Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen (Pinky & The Brain), Russ Emanuel (Restoration of Paradise), Jay Smith (Winston Casey Adventures), Danielle Ackley-McPhail (The Eternal Cycle), Michael D’Ambrosio (Fractured Time Trilogy), Kathleen David (No Strings Attached), Bob Greenberger (Justice League), David Mack (The Midnight Front), Aaron Rosenberg (No Small Bills), Don Sakers (Dance for the Ivory Madonna), Kenneth Rogers Jr. (Heroes, Villains and Healing), Howard Weinstein (Galloway’s Gamble), SciFi Diner Podcast and cosplayer Jay Justice. The show will also include live performances by Jess Moran’s  Cooking For Trekkies, Boogie Knights, Luna-C, The Chromatics, Marc Okrand, Maryland Kunst des Fechtens and Vic’s Place featuring The Pack Ratz. 

The Farpoint 2019 schedule is currently in development. The panel and participant list, as well as additional programming, will be posted approximately two weeks before the convention. However, Farpoint has already teased plans for an an art show, charity auction, gaming oasis and Friday night cocktail party. 

The show is running nearly continuously beginning Friday at 12 PM through Sunday at 5 PM. One-day passes are $15 for Friday, $60 for Saturday and $45 for Sunday. A three-day pass is available for $85 and includes one complimentary celebrity signature (of attendee’s choice) both Saturday and Sunday on an item from attendee’s personal collection or con program book. 

For more information on the upcoming convention, or to purchase tickets, visit farpointcon.com.