Shortly after Capital Comics launched their color comics line with Nexus Volume 2, they rolled out The Badger, another creation from Nexus writer Mike Baron. The Badger was Norbert Sykes, a former mental patient with an almost impossibly impressive array of martial arts skills, penchants for mayhem and calling people “Larry,” and something of a multiple personality disorder. When Capital folded their comics line after just four issues of The Badger, the title migrated to First Comics for more than 60 issues, a mini-series and graphic novel. Badger later had a multi-issue run at Image Comics and has since appeared in collections from IDW Publishing

Badger was oddly and magnificently employed by Ham, an ancient Druid weather wizard mysteriously awakened from centuries of sleep and now living the highlife in modern day Wisconsin. His friends also included Daisy, Norbert's former healthcare caseworker, and Mavis Davis, M.D., who later became Badger's wife. There was also Lamont the buffalo and a number of other characters.