The mythos of Superman is deeply entrenched in our pop culture psyche. Even people who don’t read Action Comics, Superman, or Adventure Comics know that Superman can fly, is faster than a speeding bullet, and is susceptible to kryptonite. But, while most know all about the green kind, there are several types of kryptonite.

Kryptonite is an ore with radioactive properties from Krypton, the home world of Superman, a/k/a Kal-El. It was first mentioned in The Adventures of Superman radio show in June 1943 and since then has been featured in the comics, TV series, and films. Kryptonians are influenced and affected by kryptonite in several ways depending on the color. Green is most well known, having debuted in Superman #61 in 1949. It weakens Superman and other Kryptonians, though Superman can be immune to its effects after repeated non-fatal exposure and long-term absorption of solar radiation. In the Post-Crisis storyline it is revealed that humans are also harmed by green kryptonite which can cause cancer.

Red kryptonite originally weakened Superman but later it was shown to cause weird behavior and transform his personality. Silver kryptonite was originally revealed to be a hoax by Jimmy Olsen, but later it is discovered that silver can cause delusions. Jewel kryptonite come from fragments of Jewel Mountains which amplify psychic powers of criminals in the Phantom Zone, allowing them to use mind control. Orange gives animals superpowers for a period of 24 hours.

Blue kryptonite is an imperfect form that affects characters like Bizarro the way green affects Superman. Gold kryptonite is affected by atomic radiation and can take a Kryptonian’s ability to absorb and process yellow sunlight, stealing their superpowers. Red-gold can temporarily erase Kryptonians’ memories and black can separate one Kryptonian into two beings: one good and one bad. White kryptonite has the ability to kill plant life from any kind of world.

Anti-kryptonite does not harm Kryptonians but has the same effect on humans that green has on Kryptonians. X-kryptonite was created by Supergirl in an attempt to discover an antidote to green kryptonite. Though it is harmless to Kryptonians, it can give normal beings superpowers. Slow kryptonite was made by villain Metallo from green kryptonite to affect humans the way it affects Kryptonians. Bizarro red causes humans to behave out of character the way that red affects Kryptonians.

Magno-kryptonite was artificially created by villain Mr. Nero to magnetically attract Kryptonian substances. Kryptonite-x was created when Eradicator filtered kryptonite discharge by Cyborg Superman to Superman supercharging and renewing his powers. The first type of red-green kryptonite is an alloy created by villain Brainiac which causes Superman to mutate, including growing a third eye in the back of his head and the second type of red-green can take a Kryptonian’s powers, which was used on Superboy.

During an imaginary story in Superman #162 red-green-blue-gold kryptonite is developed by Superman to power a device that will improve his intelligence. In the end an explosion causes Superman to be split into two separate beings. Red-green-gold is also from an imaginary story which remove Superman’s abilities and memories. Pink kryptonite came from an alternate universe story in which it turned Kryptonians gay. Periwinkle is the most recently revealed type featured in a non-canon story that caused Kryptonians to lose their inhibitions.