In the Limelight

During Great Philadelphia Comic Con Scoop caught up with creator, writer, and artist Billy Tucci. He talked about commissions at the con, his next project with Shi, and upcoming events where fans can meet him.

Scoop: How are you doing this weekend?
Billy Tucci (BT):
Fantastic. [Laughs] If I finish all of the commissions I have to do, it’ll be fantastic.

Scoop: What are people asking for, as far as commissions?
Well, right now I’m doing a Betty and Veronica. I have to do a Wonder Woman. And then the usual suspects. Harley Quinn is a big one. Shi. And what else – I’ll worry about it tomorrow! [Laughs] It’s only Saturday! I don’t really go into panic mode with my commissions until Sunday because I’m a cartoonist and a procrastinator, so that’s what I do. I think we all do it.

Scoop: Aside from attending conventions, what are you working on right now?
Right now I’m doing a really interesting project on Dwight D. Eisenhower for a Denver newspaper – like a biography comic.

And then, we’re going to be launching a new Shi Kickstarter at the end of the month. So, we’re working on that. I’m really excited about that. It’ll be our first Kickstarter ever. I’m terrified of it. I have to figure out all the levels, all the pledges. My wife is pretty much taking care of that. But, then once it gets done I’m going to rock ‘n roll and hopefully it’ll be successful.

I’m going to have a really interesting slant on it. It’s actually going to be 20 years removed from my very first story. Shi came out 23 years ago. I did it for 10-11 years, we did over 100 issues and I just got burnt out. Now I can’t wait to bring her back, but how we’re going to do that is Anna is 20 years older too. So, she’ll be a mother, and her warrior days are way behind her – and then it all comes back. It’s sort of a comic book grows up.  

Scoop: That’s a cool concept.
Yeah, just dealing with motherhood and things like that. My wife is in her early 40s and she’s beautiful. She’s never looked more beautiful to me, so I want to do that with the book too. Instead of making her the waifish little thing that she was, now she’s like a woman. I got some humor into it – have her try the old costume on and be like, “How the hell did I ever get this thing on?” Something like that.

Scoop: Which conventions are you attending in the next couple of months?
I will be in New Jersey at the end of this month for East Coast Comicon, then Motor City Comic Con, Phoenix, Heroes Con, San Diego. It’s a lot!