In the Limelight

TooManyGames returned for a weekend packed with vendors, tournaments and – of course – video gaming from June 23-25, 2017 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. The show also featured a massive expo floor with a number of vendors that focused on buying, selling, and trading games from all eras.

Guests at this year’s event included YouTube personalities such as Jimmy Whetzel, James Rolfe, Vinesauce, MrCreepypasta, GameXplain, Caddicarus, Tails Channel, Swanky Box, The Gaming Historian, and many others. Other guests included voice actors Jon St. John (Duke Nukem) and Mike Pollock (Sonic the Hedgehog), plus bands such as Crush 40, Powerglove, Hyper Potions, ARMCANNON and others.

Gemstone Assistant Editor Carrie Wood was also on hand at the show, presenting The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Video Games at a convention for the first time since its release earlier this year.

“TooManyGames was much bigger this year than I remember it being in the past,” Wood said. “Which isn’t a bad thing! I was tied to the table for most of my time there, but the crowd level seemed much higher than before. It’s nice to see that a collector-focused gaming convention like this is drawing more people, so I hope to come back next year too.”

Photos from the show floor, including cosplayers and collectibles of all kinds, can be seen below.