In the Limelight

Ubisoft brought many of their popular franchises to the stage at their E3 presentation, held on June 10, 2019. Though many of their games won’t be releasing until 2020, the show gave longtime fans plenty to look forward to.

The show kicked off with a lengthy gameplay demo for Watch Dogs Legion, the latest in the cyberpunk Watch Dogs franchise. The game will allow players to control basically anyone they find – players can recruit any NPC into their team of hackers and misfits that are resisting the militant and oppressive government rule. It hits consoles in the spring of 2020.

Various branches of the Tom Clancy franchise will be getting updates, including The Division 2, which will be free to play from June 13-16, 2019, for anyone looking to try it out. The game will be receiving a major update, “D.C. Outskirts Expeditions,” which arrives in July and will run for three episodes. Ubisoft has also partnered with Netflix for a movie, to be directed by David Leitch, based off of The Division as well. Rainbow Six: Siege will also be getting a new season of content, “Operation Phantom Sight,” which is available right now. On that end of things, a new game in that franchise is being developed, called Rainbow Six: Quarantine, which will be a three-player tactical cooperative game arriving in early 2020; it has a distinct horror flavor to it, compared to other Rainbow Six titles.

Tom Clancy will also be going mobile, with a game bringing the protagonists from various other entries (such as Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell) together. The strategy game is called Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, though it doesn’t have a release date yet. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was also unveiled, with Jon Bernthal (and a dog friend) taking the stage to discuss details; Bernthal will be portraying the game’s primary villain. The game, which arrives on October 4, will include computer-controlled teammates for solo players and will also have an extensive online community called “Delta Company” for fans. A beta of the game will arrive on September 5.

Ubisoft announced a brand-new IP called Roller Champions, a colorful, fast-paced game based on roller derby. The game is a “skill-based, team PVP sports game,” and will be getting a demo for PC players soon.

Also on the new original title front, Ubisoft teased a new game called Gods & Monsters, an action-adventure title with a colorful cartoon aesthetic. The company is calling it a “storybook adventure about a forgotten hero on a quest to save the Greek gods,” and it’s due out on February 25, 2020.

Other games highlighted included Just Dance 2020, For Honor, Brawlhalla, and others. The whole press conference can be seen below.