Cerebus creator and artist Dave Sim hasn’t been able to draw since February 2015 due to a wrist ailment. Despite that, “…I thought people deserved an answer to ‘So where did Cerebus end up?’” Sim said about the character.

Cerebus in Hell? #0 will be released to commemorate Cerbus’ 40th anniversary next year. There will be 22 four-panel strips with Cerebus photoshopped into Gustave Dore’s engravings of Dante’s Inferno with scripts by Sim and Sandeep Atwal.

The issue will ship in October. It is available in the July issue of PREVIEWS by using Diamond order code JUL161105.

There will be a new Cerebus in Hell? strip posted every day at cerebusdownloads.com since the July issue PREVIEWS came out on June 25, 2016. Each Friday the previous week’s strips will be posted at amomentofcerebus.com. There will also be strips where roughly 30 comic book stores and news sites are featured.

None of these strips will appear in Cerebus in Hell #0 or in the four-issue Cerebus in Hell miniseries in 2017.