The newest playable characters to join Injustice 2 have finally been revealed. Swamp Thing is a new addition to the franchise, having not appeared in 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us. Based on the debut gameplay video clip, he appears to be the big bruiser type.

The clip opens with Swamp Thing and Robin exchanging threats before Robin gets the crap beat out of him for the next 80 seconds. It is, after all, Swamp Thing’s debut moment.

Several of his abilities are on display, including growing branches to knock back foes, sinking into the ground to avoid attacks, and pulling enemies into the ground for an epic finishing move.

Swamp Thing wasn't the only addition to the ongoing closed beta. Injustice 2 recently shared an action-packed video announcing the arrival of Cheetah, Black Canary, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman.

These iconic female combatants prove kicking butt isn't just for the men as they show off their impressive fighting skills. They even appear to give Swamp Thing a run for his money.

This roster of playable characters will be available for PS4 and Xbox One with the release of Injustice 2 on May 16, 2017.