Earlier this year, at the Star Wars Celebration, IDW Publishing announced plans to publish a new all-ages series telling Star Wars stories, “both canon and accessible.” This new ongoing series, Star Wars Adventures, is set to debut September 2017. CBR offered the first word on the initial creative team and storylines.

Star Wars Adventures #1 will be led by writer Cavan Scott (Doctor Who) and the Eisner-nominated artist Derek Charm (Jughead). Charm also illustrated the promotional art released back when the series was first announced. Issue #1 is scheduled for release on September 6, with issue #2, led by the same team, expected two weeks later, on September 20.

Both issues are set to follow Rey’s early days on Jakku. Issue 1 is said to include a “comical tale of clone catastrophe,” while issue 2 will feature Unkar Plutt, who offered Rey “one-quarter portion” in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

“They will be original stories, primarily. They will be set in the entire Star Wars combined universe: They can be the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, the modern films, some of the offshoots that are still considered part of the canon,” shared IDW President and Chief Operating Officer Greg Goldstein.

In the coming months, more creators for the series will be announced.